Your credit report sucks! Time to give it a makeover
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There could be number of reasons a.k.a. excuses for why your credit report looks terrible: salaries aren’t increasing at the rate at which inflation has, so it has been difficult for you to service your debt. Or, you’ve simply been a credit junkie, flashing the latest iPad and smart phone and blaming maddening consumerism for your poor credit score. May be, you’ve simply taken some unwise decisions- inadvertently of course- which have hurt your credit report. Whatever the reason, you better take steps to give your poor credit report a makeover.

Why the makeover:  Reason being, going forward it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to get any more credit.  VN Kulkarni, Chief Counselor, Abhay Credit Counseling Center, a Bank of India initiative, says, “If you have a poor credit report, which results in a poor credit score, it’s going to be very difficult for you to get future credit. Banks don’t want to give loans and credit to people who don’t pay back on time.” Also, with the number of banks’ Non Performing Assets increasing, banks are extra cautious to give credit. And, checking consumers’ credit score before deciding on a loan is now the norm. So, here a quick guide to give your credit report that much needed makeover.

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