Will 2 credit scores help borrowers?
News from Hindustan Times:

Bindisha Sarang
A few days ago, Equifax Credit Information Services Ltd became the second credit bureau of India to offer a credit score or the “risk score”. Earlier, Credit Information Bureau

(India) Ltd (Cibil) was the only bureau which provided credit scores, which it started in April.
A credit report is the record of an individual’s past and current borrowing and payment history. A credit score is based on the credit report, representing it in a numerical format.
“The risk score is designed to predict the likelihood of a customer defaulting over a 12-month period,” said Samir Bhatia, MD and CEO, Equifax. “An account is said to be a default when it crosses the 90-day mark of no payments.”

Equifax’s risk score
The risk score assigned to customers will be based on more than 600 variables such as past credit payment history, current credit act…………… continues on Hindustan Times

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How influential are you in social media circles? Check your Klout score
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How influential is what you Tweet about, blog about and post on Facebook? Are you a social media V.I.P. or an oversharing wannabe?

A service called Klout says it can now calculate exactly how high – or low — anyone ranks in online influence. The San Francisco-based startup created a formula that calculates social media popularity on a scale from 1 to 100.

The average person who interacts with friends on Facebook or keeps their LinkedIn profile up-to-date has a Klout score ranging between 10 and 20. Tweeting celebrities land the highest scores – Taylor Swift, for example, has an 89. Among non-celebrities, the very plugged in – those with hundreds or thousands of Twitter followers, for example – typically have respectable Klout scores between the 40 and 60. Justin Bieber is the only known person with a perfect score of 100.

While not yet nearly as ubiquitous a measure as a credit score or one with as much personal baggage as an…………… continues on The Tennessean

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