What you need to know about the debt-ceiling crisis
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Debt talks are down to the wire. Do this with your money now, says The Motley Fool.

Apple now has more cash than the U.S. Treasury. As of Wednesday last week, the U.S. government had an operating balance of $ 73.7 billion. Apple has $ 76 billion in the bank.

Laugh at that, feel free to shed a tear, and now here’s the latest on the debt-ceiling debacle.

U.S. on the financial brink, says Bloomberg.

Gold falls 1 percent as U.S. close to debt deal, says Reuters.

Senate chaplain’s prayers convey crisis, says The Washington Post.

U.S. debt talks have come down to the wire. As of writing, the debt-ceiling deadline clock has ticked down to 1 day, 15 hours, 18 minutes and 54 seconds.


What is the debt ceiling? It’s a self-imposed limit on the U.S. Treasury’s ability to borrow. Reaching the debt ceiling does not mean the U.S. is bankrupt. This is a purely self-inflicted cri…………… continues on Ninemsn
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