WATCH: How To Negotiate A Higher Salary, From Alexa von Tobel
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Don’t just accept any salary offer! No one is going to manage your career except for you. Alexa von Tobel, Founder & CEO,, offered tips on salary negotiation when she visited me on Mondays With Marlo.

For more fantastic financial advice, see Alexa’s personal finance tips:

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  • Turn Up The Temperature

    If you open your refrigerator and set it to the appropriate temperature (between 35 and 38 degrees), you can save up to $ 400 per year. The fridge is your most expensive appliance and it’s on 24 hours a day, so regulating its temperature can make a big difference on your power bill.

  • Use Better Bulbs

    Changing out all your light bulbs to fluorescent bulbs can save you $ 20 or $ 30 a month.

  • Shrink Your Cable Bill

    There are many smart ways to minimize your cable bill. There’s a great site, called <a href=””></a>, where you can enter how much your bill is and they’ll show you how to save another $ 10 or $ 20 each month.

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