Tips to Make Mortgage Shopping Easier
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Home buyers usually spend months trying to find the perfect house, but the perfect mortgage? Not so much. We get it. Researching a mortgage isn’t as easy or as much fun as say, researching your next car purchase. But there’s a lot more money at stake when it comes financing your home, so it’s time well spent.The first step is to familiarize yourself with the basic mortgage terms you will encounter along the way (take this quick mortgage quiz to start), and then follow these tips:

Plan Ahead – It’s hard to comprehend how a six-figure purchase will fit into your overall budget. Get a reality check by using mortgage calculators to figure out
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A Company Credit Card Can Hurt Your Score
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Flashing a company card at a business lunch feels like you’ve finally arrived. It also eliminates the burden of carrying business expenses on your own personal credit card. But corporate credit cards can come with a hidden risk: They can tarnish your credit score.

Companies set up corporate card accounts using their own credit histories and issue cards to employees for business expenses and purchases.

Typically, the company pays for the charges on the credit card. If a payment is late, the card issuer goes after only the company. However, a third of companies that use corporate cards make employees liable for payment, putting their credit at risk, according to a 2009 survey from RPMG Research Corporation.

Who’s Responsible?

With individual liability accounts, the employee holds all responsibility for the charges, even if the company pays the issuer directly. Joint liability …………… continues on Fox Business
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