The New Klout: A Warmer, Fuzzier Bottom Line on Your Online Reputation
News from TIME:

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People tend to have strong opinions about Klout, the Silicon Valley startup which analyzes online influence and boils it down to a credit-score-like single number on a scale of one to 100.

Some folks check their Klout scores obsessively, and get excited when the number creeps upward. Others say that Klout does a poor job of accurately analyzing influence, or that it’s not transparent enough about its methods. Still others argue that it’s a bad idea, period. And I suspect that many people have complex, shifting opinions about the service.

Today, Klout is introducing a new version, with recalibrated scores and additonal features. I don’t think it’ll turn Klout haters into Klout lovers. But those who are on the fence may be swayed. It’s now clearer how Klout comes to the conclusions it does, and the whole exercise feels a little less stern and a little more complimentary.

(Everyone will see the new scores starting today; the new site and its additional features will roll out over the coming weeks.)

It’s easiest to feel good about Klout, of course, if Klout feels good about you. Klout founder Joe Fendandez told…………… continues on TIME

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Registering to vote can also help your credit rating
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Nottingham residents are being reminded that filling out their voter registration forms doesn’t just ensure they get a say during local and national elections.

Making sure they are on the electoral roll can also help residents avoid a bad credit rating, which affects applications for loans, bank accounts and more, the city council warns.

  1. Failing to register can have an impact on your credit score

Voter registration forms are being sent through the post to Nottingham City residents, along with information on how to register to vote.

Sarah Wilson, electoral services manager for Nottingham City Council, said: “Each year we receive hundreds of calls from people who have failed to register and can’t get home loans or credit cards approved. Given the current financial climate, this may lead to difficulties and can be very distressing for those affected.

“If your details haven’t changed, registering by freephone, online or text only takes a few minutes and reduces postage costs. You can also help save money and the environment by registering straight away – sending out reminders to households who have not registered is expensive and, in most cases unnecessary. The household canvass shouldn’…………… continues on This is Nottingham

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