The catch with ‘free’ credit scores
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Q. In July, my wife and I wanted to check out our credit scores and saw an ad to get “free” credit scores from a company called ScoreSense. We put our credit card numbers in to pay $ 1 each and started getting charged between $ 19.95 and $ 29.95 a month each. We had no idea that we had signed up for any services from them. We didn’t realize what was happening until September and contacted the company in writing as they requested. They ended up giving us refunds for September and December, but not July, August, October and November. Can you help us get our money back?
Katherine Martin, Arlington

A. It is common to see offers like the one you did. ScoreSense, and other similar companies, dangle the idea of a free credit score in order to sell memberships for services that typically include credit monitoring. But it’s not a free score. It’s a trial membership, one that if you don’t cancel will result in recurring charges.

A lot of consumers have ended up unwittingly becoming members. Nearly 1,100 complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau against One Technologies LP., the company that runs…………… continues on

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