Five Tips for Dealing With a Declined Credit Card
News from Fox Business:

Credit cards can cut you off for a variety of reasons. Here’s what to do in response.

1Your card was declined, but why?

What are five words you never want to hear from a waiter?

“Your credit card was declined.”

It happens all the time for a variety of reasons. You may be over your credit limit. Your credit score may have dropped, or the credit card company may suspect that the card is being used fraudulently.

And it gets worse from there. That sliver of plastic in your wallet may now be worthless — at least temporarily — yet those card bills just keep coming.

But, you have rights. A slew of consumer protections, including the 4-year-old Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, require issuers to treat you with respect, even if you’re not their favorite customer anymore.

Here are five things to consider if your credit card has been declined.

2The issuer can’t demand immediate payment

Your charging privileges may be gone. But you still have time to pay off your balance.

Federal law gives the card issuer a couple of options. It can…………… continues on Fox Business

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Ten Tips About Mortgages and Refinancing in 2013
News from Fox Business:

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the best time to refinance or get a mortgage to buy a home, think of 2013 as your last chance to act.

With good credit, persistence and some shopping skills, you can still snag phenomenal deals this year — even if you are underwater on your loan.

Here are 10 mortgage tips to help you with your mortgage decisions in 2013.

Tip 1: Stop procrastinating and refinance

If you haven’t refinanced recently, you’re probably paying a higher interest rate on your mortgage than you should. Take advantage of today’s record-low mortgage rates while they last. Rates are expected to remain low during the first few months of the year, but they should gradually increase. When they do, many borrowers will regret having missed the opportunity to grab the lowest mortgage rate in history.

Tip 2: Buyers, get moving

With rates near the bottom and home prices on the rise, it’s still a perfect time to buy a house. If you can afford a home and qualify for a mortgage, this may be your last chance to take advantage of the market and own a home for less. To speed up the homebuying process, get a mortgage preapproval before you start shopping.

Tip 3: Compare FHA vs. conventional loans

Many homebuyers opt for a Federal Housing Administration mo…………… continues on Fox Business

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10 Credit Card Tips for 2013
News from ABC News:

It’s time for new beginnings, and perhaps that means a new credit card. Finding a good card — and managing it well — can boost your buying power and credit score. But be careful. Misusing your credit could turn 2013 into a costly year. Here are 10 tips for getting the right card.

Tip 1: Know your credit The state of your credit will determine what card you can get. If you have good to great credit (FICO score of 720 and above), you’ll likely qualify for numerous rewards cards that cater to your personal tastes. There are rewards cards for hotels, airlines and gas stations. Others will give you cash back. Those with decent credit (620 to 720 FICO credit score) may need to stick with a plain-vanilla credit card with no annual fee. For those with no credit or blemished credit (FICO credit score below 620), a secured credit card may be your only option. Secured cards require an upfront deposit to serve as collateral against the credit limit.

Tip 2: Read the fine print It may not be the most thrilling read, but the details of a credit card’s agreement will help you differentiate it from others. The terms and conditions are usually posted on an issuer’s website, so you can read them before you apply. The agreement gives the annual percentage rate, or APR, for purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. It also will tell you about late fe…………… continues on ABC News

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How To Boost Your Credit Score (And Other Credit-Scoring Tips)
News from The Mortgage Reports:

Mortgage rates and markets change constantly. Stay 100% current by taking The Mortgage Reports by email each day. Click here to get free email alerts, or subscribe to the RSS feed in your browser.

Ultra-low mortgage rates have sped up the housing market’s recovery during the last year, with home sales and home prices both on the rise.

During the third quarter of 2012 alone, $ 521 billion in new mortgages appeared on consumer credit reports, marking the fourth consecutive increase in mortgage originations on a quarter-over-quarter basis.

Activity in the housing market shows no signs of slowing down, with the Mortgage Bankers Association forecasting $ 1.3 trillion in mortgage originations during the coming year.

Purchase originations are projected to reach $ 585 billion during 2013, marking a 16 percent increase over 2012. Meanwhile, refinances are expected to reach $ 785 billion in the coming year.

Between low interest rates and affordable mortgage programs like FHA loans, savvy home buyers should be looking to lock their mortgages bef…………… continues on The Mortgage Reports

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My Big Mouth: If credit agencies are allowed to control our future, at least …
News from Mancunian Matters:

WHAT’S YOUR SCORE? 91% don’t know

Posted Wednesday, December 19, 2012 – 04:41

By Ben Ireland

It is safe to say the average Joe on the street doesn’t know what their credit score is.

A recent MM poll found that 91% of Mancunians were unaware, and many didn’t know what it was.

One in every three credit card applications are turned down because of the applicant’s credit score.

These elusive numbers play a larger role in our lives than most people think and until someone has a problem resulting from it, they generally don’t know what factors contribute.

A number is assigned to all of us that helps dictate whether or not we are a ‘good’ customer to a bank, and assists a decision on a loan, credit card, mortgage or even mobile phone contract.

With credit harder to obtain than ever before, borrowers will certainly need to pay more attention to their credit rating and credit scores, but few even consider their score until it comes back to bite t…………… continues on Mancunian Matters

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Lowering credit rate, debt and stress: 6 tips for negotiating card rates
News from Deseret News:

Credit scores can be lowered by calling and talking to the company. Even though lowering a credit score isn’t always possible, there are tips to use when calling to negotiate.


Enlarge photo»

For those deep in debt, trying to negotiate a lower credit card rate can save a lot of money and there are ways to get a lower rate, according to an article by

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4 tips for fixing an awful credit score
News from MSN Money:

This post comes from Jeanne Kelly at partner site

A lot of credit advice is written to help people whose credit is somewhere between the “good” and “not-so-good” range. But what if your good credit has been destroyed?

It’s easy for it to happen, especially after a divorce, bankruptcy, job loss or some other stressful event.

At rock bottom, things can feel bleak. It can feel as if there’s no hope. But the good news is, many people have gone through the same thing and survived — and even thrived — as they rebuilt their credit.

Fix the errors.

Before you do anything else, get your credit reports and go through them with a highlighter, checking to see what information is there — and especially checking for errors. Errors in credit reports are common, and it’s hard to rebuild your credit when you have errors counting against you. Start there. Dispute the errors and make sure that your credit reports are truly a picture of you.

Lower credit card balances…………… continues on MSN Money

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Putting Holiday Purchases on Plastic? Offers 5 Holiday Shopping Tips
News from

By Mel Fabrikant    Saturday, November 24, 2012, 04:36 PM EST   

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, shoppers will inevitably be pulling out the plastic to pay for their holiday purchases. Choosing the right payment method, and in particular, the right card – credit, debit or prepaid – can make shopping easier, safer and more rewarding., a website that gives consumers a free monthly credit score and other free tools to help them manage their credit, offers five tips for holiday shoppers:
1. Don’t want to travel light? If you travel often – especially with family members – consider a rewards card that provides a free checked baggage for everyone traveling in your group. For a family of four, the savings can total $ 200 or more on one trip.

2. Bargain hunter? Consider a flexible reward card that allows you to use your points or miles on multiple airlines.’s recent Best Credit Cards in America winner in the airline miles category, for example, is a card that is not affiliated with a specific airline. Instead, points can be transferred to multiple airlines’ rewards programs.
3. Know your limit. While charging as much as possible on a r…………… continues on

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Tips on tackling credit card debt
News from Detroit Free Press:

Question: I owe $ 45,000 to six credit cards. I pay a total of over $ 1,000 a month. What is the best way to manage this debt? Can I get a five-year loan so there is just one payment?

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to get out of credit card debt. It is important to explore all the pros and cons of the debt consolidation options and stay clear of quick-fix schemes.

Here are some ways you may be able to get a five-year loan to consolidate your debt.

A secured personal loan. Banks, credit unions and other professional lenders offer this type of loan. However, it requires the backing of some type of collateral. Secured loans are often used to purchase an item of significant value, such as a car. Secured personal loan rates can vary substantially. The rates generally depend on a number of factors, such as the collateral and your credit score.

An unsecured personal loan. This type of loan does not require collateral. Unsecured personal loans can be found online, and these loans can provide borrowers with fast cash. However, low interest rates are generally only available to borrowers with excellent credit scores. For borrowers with low credit scores, the interest rates will be higher and the loan can be more difficult to obtain.

A home equity lo…………… continues on Detroit Free Press

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Tips to prevent child identity theft
News from YNN:

Updated 11/02/2012 10:01 PM

There’s a new warning out for parents. It’s about their child’s credit and other personal information. The FTC is bringing awareness to child identity theft. Checking their credit score may not be something you would think to do, but as our Iris St. Meran explains, a simple check can help safeguard your children.

  To view our videos, you need to
enable JavaScript. Learn how.
install Adobe Flash 9 or above. Install now.

Then come back here and refresh the page.

UNITED STATES — Checking your cred…………… continues on YNN

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Tips on buying and financing your first home
News from

ARA — For many younger Americans, the dream of owning their first home is alive and well. But for others, it’s still an elusive dream.


Buying your first home takes preparation.

Only five years ago, it was relatively easy to finance a home, but the Great Recession and the mortgage market’s meltdown have made it difficult for many people to qualify for home loans. The shifting state of home values and prices has complicated matters. In some markets, values have plunged by more than 40 percent. While that has created once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for younger people to enter the real estate market, others have taken a more cautious approach, waiting to see if prices will continue to fall.

Whether you’re ready now or will be down the road, buying your first home takes preparation. Here are some tips from, the nation’s leading website for free legal information, on how to get started.

* Save aggressively for your down payment. Many first-time homebuyers seek a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Association…………… continues on

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5 credit tips for recent college grads
News from MyFox Philadelphia:

By Andrew Housser

As last spring’s college graduates settle into first jobs, chances are that many also are learning to use their first credit cards. Getting your first credit card can feel like an adult rite of passage. On the plus side, having — and using — a credit line can put you on the road to building a good credit history. This, in turn, will make it easier in the future for you to qualify for a car loan, a mortgage, or a loan to start your own business.

Of course, if you misuse this credit — such as by making payments late (or not at all), or maxing out cards — the reverse can happen. Mistakes can stay on your credit report for up to seven years and lower your credit score. This score, which represents your credit risk, is based on several factors: your past payment history, total outstanding debt, length of credit history, and the types of loans and credit you have. As you gain experience using a credit card, set a goal to keep your score in the over-700 range. With that score, it is more likely that you will receive preferred rates on car loans and mortgages, as well as have better status when employers or landlords take a look at your credit.

Here’s a look at five ways to maintain a healthy credit score.

1. Be careful when applying for credit.

It’s tempting to sig…………… continues on MyFox Philadelphia

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Bad Credit Status Loans-Your Bad Credit Will not Restrict You More
News from Twin Cities Indymedia:

Why Federal housing administration Administration Mortgages Can Beat Contouring Loans for the majority of Home Owners

Loans with no credit check-Clear away your credit score concerns with quick cash Person being affected by financial crisis ought to have quite a few complications. For anyone who is also owning some poverty and seeking for more money aid, loans with no credit check will be the achievable personal loan selection. These loans, becasue it is label suggest is completely suitable for people today having negative or imperfect fico scores. Consequently, people who find themselves suffering from arrear, fall behind or chapter 13 can enjoy the best doable by using this bank loan without having tension. Should you be stumbled in some poverty and wish straightforward tax assistance, submit an application with loans with no credit check. Acquiring aid from these loans will not be a fiscal burden for you but it is best to cross. This sort of business financing is very appropriately explained by its brand, Association loans or Bridging loans. This particular type mortgage isn’t a long-lasting and even extended personal loan. It is just like reported, a association in between now then when the future finance was in location. Often such a capital is a member of real-estate buying, (offices, households, uncooked land): the types of belongings that a money mortgage…………… continues on Twin Cities Indymedia

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