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Tough times mean banks are getting meaner and stricter about who they are prepared to lend to.

It’s more vital than ever that you check your credit record, understand what affects your credit score and then get it as squeaky clean as possible. That will give you a fighting chance of getting that mortgage, loan or credit card – and at the very best rate.

Lenders use credit reports to help them decide who to dole out cash to and at what price. You need to show you’re a safe bet or you’ll pay way over the odds in interest.

There are lots of mistaken beliefs about how credit reports work and what affects them.

Research by CreditExpert shows eight out of 10 of us believe that being unsuccessful with one lender will harm how others score you. While a ‘footprint’ of lenders’ searches is recorded, the fact that they declined you credit is not. But if you rapidly apply elsewhere, too many footprints will set alarm bells ringing that you are in financial difficulty.

Around a quarter of people believe that missing a mortgage or credit card payment will not have an impact on their c…………… continues on

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Bad Credit Loans for much easier and credit rating hindrance much less loans
News from Twin Cities Indymedia:

Confirmed PAYDAY LOANS: safe cash.

Apart from the benefit from acquiring low-cost loans and the say ability to all this, putting on over the website for immediate final decision loans has an additional advantage. Those who have bad credit can put by way of in this article. Whilst credit rating checks are performed by a lot of banks, usually there are some of them that don’t, like FLM Loans. When 1 has the capacity to get a handle such loan companies, this means that they would get ready agreement even though he’s got bad credit. In addition, it suggests he need not loose time waiting for credit rating which take forever. You’re looking for a cash loan promptly, even so happen to be too shy with check with family or maybe close friends, and they are generally fearful to the paperwork taking part in a traditional bank financing. Eliminate the many a issues, for assist can be quite a mobile absent in the form of payday loans. Payday capital are true most commodious methods of asking for a cash progress now together with essentially no records or simply other hassles. Payday financing are generally a quick-phrase cash enhance, anytime it is actually necessary the numerous. cash today The thing is that even though, these no fax payday loan documents can be quite harmful, specially when it chemical substances present fiscal issues…………… continues on Twin Cities Indymedia

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Reserved credit concerns in taking Bad Credit Loans
News from Twin Cities Indymedia:

These kinds of newspapers will probably be evaluated from the loan providers to gauge your genuine payment ability to the loan volume. The individuals possessing various cases of missed expenses, foreclosures and CCJs normally takes out the loan. Before you take out bad credit loans, you should primary get free of charge duplicates of your credit score. The document really should be all the 3 credit reporting agencies and be sure that the illegal copies do not have mistakes there. Make sure to settle some simpler bills in advance of trying to get the loan. On line application process is quick and a shorter time consuming. The moment you fill and post the approval, you’ll soon get contacted by brokers, financial institutions and banking companies from britain. You have to just offer your personal information like title, deal with, contact number and mail id as well as others. Cash will probably be born to your in order that you may use it straight away. As instant loans are certified to all or any United kingdom folks you will have a chance to seize discounts that fit your pocket. Plus, seeking this loan provides freedom from credit checks. No credit check needed definitely makes the entire method basic and straight forward available for you. Bad credit rating labels like local the courtroom actions, arrears, individual bankruptcy, particular person voluntary agreements a…………… continues on Twin Cities Indymedia

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Card rejection does not seem fair at all as credit rating has always been good

Card rejection does not seem fair at all as credit rating has always been good
News from Belfast Telegraph:

I applied for a Halifax Clarity credit card to use while abroad as it has no extra charges on foreign transactions.

My application was declined and the letter said that my credit score is too low. I checked my account on the Experian website and there is no indication Halifax conducted a credit check. I should have a good credit rating as I always pay in full and/or make payments within the time allowed. I have a regular Halifax credit card that I have used without problem for some years. Halifax may wish to decline my card request because they would prefer me to continue to use my existing card overseas and pay higher charges, but they should have the honesty to say so. NS

Halifax explains that a fraudster had opened a credit card account in your name. Halifax cleared the balance and you were not charged or inconvenienced. You tell us that while you were aware that “something had happened”, you did not know you had been a victim of fraud. As part of the resolution to those problems, last April you signed a Notice of Correction, requiring credit applications to be subject to password verification to prevent fraud and demonstrate any application is genuine. But when Halifax’s credit underwriting team made contact, you did not use the approved password. You were therefore notified that the application was not successful because it did not meet the credit scoring po…………… continues on Belfast Telegraph

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Seven key steps to get a home loan
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Buy This Photo

A conceptual image of a scale house and mortgage forms for the people buying a house.


July 15, 2012 12:00 AM

Mortgage rates have plunged to record lows, below 4 percent. That’s great — but only if you can actually qualify for a loan, and that’s not easy. After giving away the store during the housing boom with disastrous results, lenders have tightened their underwriting standards, leaving many would-be home buyers out of luck.

But there are steps homebuyers can take to find the right mortgage, and qualify for it. Here are seven:

IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE: A credit score below 620, as measured by th…………… continues on

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The Credit Repair Black Book: Credit Repair Secrets and Strategies the Credit Bureaus Won’t Tell You
In The Credit Repair Black Book, you will learn credit repair secrets from an industry insider. Mark Kennedy, a 20-year credit and…
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Keep your eye on your credit rating
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Give lenders what they are looking for: boost your credit rating!
News from The Leader – Wrexham & Flintshire news:

Experian’s Credit Expert offers trustworthy free credit checks to consumers

One of the world’s most trusted information services, Experian, is offering consumers the chance to obtain a secure credit check free of charge from Credit Expert.

In 2012, having an excellent credit score is key to borrowing money from banks – without it, many of us will struggle to buy property or start up small businesses.

Securing a loan or mortgage requires much more than paying your rent on time.  This BBC feature casts further light on what lenders are looking for in a customer.

You can also use Experian to visit a designated credit help centre which can guide you through your report and potential financial future.

James Jones, Head of Consumer Affairs at Experian, notes that an awareness of how credit ratings work will allow you to adjust your own finances to better fit the system, such as updating your personal details on accounts and payments.

Keeping details up to date also helps prevent identity theft and missed payments which can negatively affect your credit; leaving you with more opp…………… continues on The Leader – Wrexham & Flintshire news

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Start building credit rating while young, but learn the lessons of smart credit

Start building credit rating while young, but learn the lessons of smart credit
News from The Guardian Charlottetown:

TORONTO — To young people credit can be the gateway to the seductive goods their bank accounts can’t afford or an interest-rate trap to be avoided at all costs.

But experts say establishing a solid credit rating is key to building life-long financial stability and not throwing away money on high interest payments.

Later in life when you’re shopping for a new home, the latest sports car or a loan for a new boat for the cottage, your credit score will be what your lender will red circle when reviewing your application.

Credit, when used responsibly, can help improve that score.

Daniel Sarlo, a student at the University of Toronto, got a credit card when he turned 18 on the advice of his father, an economist.

By using the card for his day-to-day purchases and paying the balance fully each month, Sarlo avoids interest charges and increases his ability to borrow more later.

“Realistically, there is no reason to use cash when you could be building up your credit. That’s why I almost never carry any cash around,” he said.

Sarlo says he ensures he never spends more than he can afford to pay off at the end of the month.

“I am using the credit card to my advantage, rather than allowing the credit card company to take advantage of me. I have never had to pay a cent of interest,” he said.

Young people might think b…………… continues on The Guardian Charlottetown

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Consumer credit scores for auto loans drop to near prerecession levels …
News from Sacramento Bee:

/PRNewswire/ — Experian Automotive today announced that average credit scores for consumers buying a vehicle have dropped to near prerecession levels. According to its quarterly automotive credit analysis, the average credit score for financing a new vehicle dropped six points to 760 and dropped four points to 659 for used vehicles. Comparatively, credit scores in Q1 of 2008 were at an average of 753 for new vehicles and 653 for used.

Lenders also continued to set favorable terms for consumers during Q1 2012. Interest rates were lower year-over-year and loan terms were longer, giving consumers access to potentially lower monthly payments. For example, the average interest rates dropped to 4.56 percent on new vehicle loans and to 9.02 percent for used. The average loan terms also increased, extending by one month for new and used vehicles to a total of 64 and 59 months, respectively.

“During the first quarter of 2012, car shoppers definitely found more favorable conditions for their vehicle loans,” said Melinda Zabritski, director of automotive cr…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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3 Reasons to Start Caring About Your Credit Score Rating
News from Go Banking Rates:

In this game called Life, one number seems to rule over all of us: Our credit score rating. It does not matter if you are 16 or 63, you are most likely dependent on your credit score for a variety of different reasons.

Building the best credit score possible is the key to financial success and freedom, while a bad credit score only adds more troubles to your financial situation. So if you haven’t given much though to your own credit score rating, here are three major reasons why you should start caring about credit:

#1. The best credit score often gets the job.

Not every potential employer runs a credit check prior to offering a job, but many do, especially if the job you’re going after is involved with the government.

For example, the government may have an opening for an IT/computer engineer. In order to do that job, the person must have a Top Secret clearance level, which can be gained through a background check of one’s…………… continues on Go Banking Rates

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Servers’ Fluctuating Tips Make Financial Planning Difficult
News from Houston Chronicle: men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today encouraged its readers to dig deep into pockets and leave good tips when they dine out, after reading an alarming report that servers’ sub-minimum wage has not increased in 21 years

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) May 24, 2012 men’s lifestyle and finance magazine was shocked to read an article highlighting a waitress’s financial struggle with her less-than-minimum-wage earnings at the restaurant she works at in Detroit. The article pointed out that most servers are still being paid the same sub-minimum wage for tipped workers which has not increased since 1991, which in Michigan is $ 2.65 an hour but in many other states is still as little as $ 2.13 per hour.

Sharon Johnson of Forbes reported that Moldavian-born Zhanneta Dunder, a 41-year-old single mother, works full-time at a Detroit family-style restaurant and makes around $ 300 per week……………. continues on Houston Chronicle

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Your Credit Score: How to Improve the 3-Digit Number That Shapes Your Financial Future (4th Edition) (Liz Pulliam Weston)
This is the eBook version of the printed book. Today, a good credit score is essential for getting decent terms on credit–or for …
How to Raise Your Credit Scores 25 to 100 Points in 48 Hours, Guaranteed! (Debt Free Forever: Payoff All Your Credit Cards Without Increasing Your Income Or Getting A Second Job)
Amazon Best Seller: How To Raise Your Credit Scores 25-100 Points In 48 HoursLearn why this book is No 1 on Amazon in Personal Fin…

Build up your Credit Rating
News from SA Commercial Prop News:

So what is considered to be a favourable credit score? Having a favourable credit rating is essential to obtaining the necessary finance to purchase a property.

Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says that this is why consumers should know their credit rating score and how to build it up to ensure that it is looked upon in a positive light by credit providers and financial institutions.

According to the National Credit Act entitles consumers to one free credit record check during a 12 month period. He suggests that consumers should take advantage of this and guarantee that their credit record reflects the correct information and that their credit rating is within the complimentary category. Because consumers are able to obtain a free credit check from each of the bureaus, they will effectively be able to check their credit rating every four months from South Africa’s three major bureaus namely Experian, TransUnion and XDS. 

So what is considered to be a favourable credit score? “A score that is 660 or higher is generally considered to be a very good score. Consumers with credit scores within that bracket will have a much higher chance of obtaining finance at the best possible interest rates. Consumers with scores below 620 will find it a lot harder to get credit as they will be regarded as h…………… continues on SA Commercial Prop News

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RENTWATCH: Landlord wants to run credit check after lease is signed
News from Milpitas Post:

Q: My wife and I just signed a one-year lease for a rental home. Before we signed her lease form, the owner of the home ran a credit check on me.

Since we signed the lease after the credit check on me, I assumed the check turned out to be favorable. Then, one week before we were scheduled to move into the house, the owner called me to ask for my wife’s Social Security number. The owner said she had decided she needed to run a credit check on my wife before she would allow us to move in. She says that the lease has a clause that allows her to run a credit check whenever she wishes, and if my wife refuses, she won’t let us move in.

We have already given notice at our current apartment and made arrangements to move into this house. Does the owner have a right to insist on my wife’s Social Security number for a credit check at this late date?

A: Every tenant has a right to privacy guaranteed by the state Constitution. This right applies to a tenant’s personal financial information. However, California Civil Code Section 1950.6 creates an exception to this privacy right in order to allow a landlord to conduct credit checks to screen rental applicants.

The purpose of this exception is to provide a fair opportunity to screen potential tenants. In your case, the landlord has already signed a lease, so the policy of encouraging adeq…………… continues on Milpitas Post

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Your credit rating questions answered
News from BBC News:

James Jones says it is important to ensure credit ratings are up to date

Continue reading the main story

  • Tips on how to handle your debts
  • Q&A: Payday loans
  • Debt questions answered
  • Help to cope with debt problems

Credit ratings are used by lenders when deciding whether to accept an application for credit.

This could involve anything from a mortgage or loan, to applications for a credit card or a mobile phone contract.

But, during tough economic times, lenders are being more choosy about who they lend money to.

So, is the…………… continues on BBC News

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5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score 100 Points!
If you need help qualifying for a better rate on a loan or getting more credit, instantly increasing your credit score is probably…
Hidden Credit Repair Secrets (Second Edition)
“This book had a lot of good things that helped me repair my credit.” – Direck Chatman”The best credit repair book I have ever rea…

Frugal Feb: How to improve your credit rating
News from DollyMix:

For the majority of people, credit is a fact of life. Even if you never live beyond your means and prefer to avoid credit cards at all costs, everything from mobile phone contracts to mortgages require you to “get credit” and the higher your personal credit rating, the better the deals you’ll be offered.

If you’re new to credit, or are having difficulty being accepted for the product you want, you might be surprised by what lenders are looking for when providing it.

Read on for a few tips on how to get your credit record in excellent shape.

1. Get on the electoral roll

Have you moved house recently? If so, you are likely to have difficulty obtaining credit for one good reason: you won’t be registered to vote at that address yet. Local councils update their electoral roll at regular (but not always frequent) intervals, so they best way to avoid this problem is to register to vote as soon as you have details of your new address. Contact y…………… continues on DollyMix

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Mortgage myths keep some buyers from looking
News from Grand Junction Sentinel:

This home at 3140 Summit Meadows is owned by Fannie Mae and is eligible for the Home Path financing program, which allows for a 10 percent down payment. Jason Holm with Bray Real Estate is listing the three-bedroom, three-bath home with 1,948 square feet, for $ 174,900.


This home at 3140 Summit Meadows is owned by Fannie Mae and is eligible for the Home Path financing program, which allows for a 10 percent down payment. Jason Holm with Bray Real Estate is listing the three-bedroom, three-bath home with 1,948 square feet, for $ 174,900.

This home is owned by Fannie Mae and is eligible for the Home Path financing program, which allows buyer to put a 10 percent down payment instead of the traditional 20 percent. David Durham with Bray Real Estate is listing the three-bedroom, two-bath home for $ 154,900.


This home is owned by Fannie Mae and is eligible for the Home Path financing program, which allows buyer to put a 10 percent down payment instead of the traditional 20 percent. David Durham with Bray Real Estate…………… continues on Grand Junction Sentinel

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