Steps to get your credit score online
News from Economic Times:

The credit information report (CIR) provided by Credit Information Bureau (Cibil) gives a persons detailed credit history based on which a the Cibil Trans Union score is assigned. The cost and terms on which loans and other credit facilities are available to an individual depend on the credit score. It is, therefore, advisable to know the score and periodically check the CIR to make sure there are no errors that will affect the score. One should also report and rectify any errors so that it does not impact the borrowing activity.

Form: The application for the CIR and credit score can be made online on Cibils website

Information: The n…………… continues on Economic Times

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The New Klout: A Warmer, Fuzzier Bottom Line on Your Online Reputation
News from TIME:

Harry McCracken /

People tend to have strong opinions about Klout, the Silicon Valley startup which analyzes online influence and boils it down to a credit-score-like single number on a scale of one to 100.

Some folks check their Klout scores obsessively, and get excited when the number creeps upward. Others say that Klout does a poor job of accurately analyzing influence, or that it’s not transparent enough about its methods. Still others argue that it’s a bad idea, period. And I suspect that many people have complex, shifting opinions about the service.

Today, Klout is introducing a new version, with recalibrated scores and additonal features. I don’t think it’ll turn Klout haters into Klout lovers. But those who are on the fence may be swayed. It’s now clearer how Klout comes to the conclusions it does, and the whole exercise feels a little less stern and a little more complimentary.

(Everyone will see the new scores starting today; the new site and its additional features will roll out over the coming weeks.)

It’s easiest to feel good about Klout, of course, if Klout feels good about you. Klout founder Joe Fendandez told…………… continues on TIME

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Registering to vote can also help your credit rating
News from This is Nottingham:

Nottingham residents are being reminded that filling out their voter registration forms doesn’t just ensure they get a say during local and national elections.

Making sure they are on the electoral roll can also help residents avoid a bad credit rating, which affects applications for loans, bank accounts and more, the city council warns.

  1. Failing to register can have an impact on your credit score

Voter registration forms are being sent through the post to Nottingham City residents, along with information on how to register to vote.

Sarah Wilson, electoral services manager for Nottingham City Council, said: “Each year we receive hundreds of calls from people who have failed to register and can’t get home loans or credit cards approved. Given the current financial climate, this may lead to difficulties and can be very distressing for those affected.

“If your details haven’t changed, registering by freephone, online or text only takes a few minutes and reduces postage costs. You can also help save money and the environment by registering straight away – sending out reminders to households who have not registered is expensive and, in most cases unnecessary. The household canvass shouldn’…………… continues on This is Nottingham

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5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score 100 Points!
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August Bad Credit Loans Now Available Online Even for People with Poor Credit
News from Virtual-Strategy Magazine: offers internet users a new bad credit personal loans service to make a splash this summer, even with bad credit. Available to U.S. Citizens over the Age of Eighteen

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 10, 2012

Whether it’s a last minute vacation opportunity for the family, or a new backyard grill, there’s no reason consumers still can’t fund some summer fun this year. is an online service that matches would-be borrowers with lending partners across America. Borrowers simply fill out a short and easy to use form, and in a matter of moments are matched to lending partners who specialize in personal loans for people with bad credit.

People with bad credit are often underserved when it comes to credit options. Banks and other traditional “depository institutions” such as credit unions, have increasingly strict rules and regulations when it comes to making lending decisions, as they are federally insured and have to meet strict lending requirements. This means that consumers whose credit scores have been lowered are no longer ideal loan candidates from the traditional venues.

A spokesperson for

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LoansPayDay Brings New Online Payday Loans Service with No Credit Check
News from Virtual-Strategy Magazine:

With immediate access to countless lenders, is the fastest and most convenient option to get up to $ 2500 cash loan overnight. The website ensures that credit score is not a problem anymore.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 24, 2012 brings great news for borrowers as it launches its online loan matching service. With no credit check required, the service is targeted towards borrowers with bad credit scores as well as new borrowers with no credit history. The service was started to offer an immediate and hassle free solution for people looking for an emergency short-term loan. Using LoansPayDay, borrowers can get up to $ 2,500 worth of online payday loan within an hour.

The major objective behind this service is to save borrowers from painstaking application and approval procedures and help them acquire a short-term loan exactly when needed. Further explaining the company’s mission and objective, the spokesperson for LoansPayDay said, “We understand that pay day loans are usually something people opt for only in dire situations. By making the procedure faster and uncomplicated, we just want to maximize the value and benefi…………… continues on Virtual-Strategy Magazine

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Check your online Credit report
News from

Check your credit ratings report and make sure you have a good credit rating before you apply for any new credit.

Check your credit report online

About your credit report

Whenever you apply for new credit, whether it’s in the form of a credit card, loan, mortgage or even a mobile phone contract, lenders will evaluate your credit rating report to determine whether you are a responsible borrower.

In the UK there are three credit report agencies that collect information about your past credit profile and provide data to prospective lenders. These are:

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The Mark of the Beast Revealed: The Real Meaning of Your Credit Score

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Details of 2013 BMW X1 Released, Builder Now Online
News from

By Ross Edwards
Monday, Jun 25 2012 17:56

Details on the 2013 BMW X1’s trim lines and price have been released along with an online configuration tool that allows you to build your own X1. Prices  will start at $ 30,650 for a X1 sDrive28i with a 240-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive.


There will be three trim lines available on the 2013 BMW X1, X-Line, Sport Line and M Sport Line.  The X-Line and Sport Line can both be had at the X1’s base price plus $ 1,900.  X-Line models will get leatherette and leather upholstery and high gloss copper painted and wood trim pieces. Sport Line models will have 8-way power sport seats, leatherette and leather seats and black and aluminum trim.  The M Sport Line BMW X1 (available with both engines and shown above) will have a sport suspension, exclusive wheels, high gloss roof rails, sport seats and an exterior aero kit.

BMW claims that the base price of the 2013 X1 xDrive35i, which has BMW’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine with 300-horsepower is $ 38,450, but it’s actually $ 40,350 bec…………… continues on

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Your Credit Score, Your Money & What’s at Stake (Updated Edition): How to Improve the 3-Digit Number that Shapes Your Financial Future
“A great credit score can help you finish rich! Liz Pulliam Weston gives solid, easy-to-understand advice about how to improve …
Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating
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Look online for websites to help you find, fix credit score
News from Charlotte Observer:

Your personal credit rating, to a great extent, determines what loans you’ll qualify for and the interest you’ll pay. Check these sites to find out where you stand, and how to fix credit problems.

Free credit report. You are allowed, under a law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to get a free copy of your credit report every year from each of the big nationwide reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. This is the centralized site for doing so. Beware of other offers, and remember that getting a free credit report does not include your credit score. You probably will have to pay to get that – and each agency produces its own for a few bucks apiece.

Report fraud. You need to call the police if someone has gotten hold of your credit-card number, or has made you the victim of any sort of fraud. Beyond that, the Federal Trade Commission has a program called Consumer Sentinel for channeling reports into a national database of telemarketing and identity-theft complaints. Start at this page to see how complaints are handled and the wide range of issues on which the complaint network has been gathering data.

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Hard Time Fixing Your Credit? Try These Great Tips!
News from San Francisco Luxury News:

31 March 2012

PRLog (Press Release)Mar 30, 2012
The American dream is one so that any person can do anything they want if they try hard enough and apply themselves. While repairing credit may not be the typical idea of the American dream, it too can be done, if you try hard enough and apply the tips you learn in this info. If you have already missed some payments, make sure you get caught up on them and stay caught up. The longer you have consecutive on time payments, the better your credit will become. Credit companies will look at your most current payment information first, before looking at older information. Go here Now to Check Out Non Profit Credit Card Consolidation! Credit-C …

When you’re trying to repair your credit by disputing negative items, make sure to keep records of everything you do. Keep copies of every letter, dispute, and support document you send out. Send important correspondence like disputes by certified mail so that you know your mail was delive…………… continues on San Francisco Luxury News

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Erik Satie Score – Giclee Print
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Payday lenders find new home online; interest rates hit 1000 percent
News from The Missoulian:

Want to talk to somebody at a payday loan operation? Good luck.

Most payday lending company phone numbers are disconnected, others now belong to different businesses.

A customer service representative did answer at EZ Money Check Cashing in Missoula last week, explaining the company does check cashing and tax filings, but no longer offers payday loans.

The reason is simple, and Bernie Harrington, owner of EZ Money Check Cashing, explained it this way: He closed three stores and cut services at others after Montana voters passed ballot Initiative 164 in November 2010. The initiative capped at 36 percent the interest fees and charges that payday, title and retail installment lenders can assess customers.

Supporters of I-164 called payday loan companies “predatory,” as lenders could charge up to 400 percent on the short-term loans.

Opponents of I-164, mostly payday lenders like Harrington, said the 400 percent was a misrepre…………… continues on The Missoulian

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With age comes wisdom — and a better credit score, study finds
News from Dallas Morning News (subscription):

If age equals wisdom, then it stands to reason that we should become more financially responsible as we grow older.

And as we mature, that should translate into higher credit scores, a new study finds., which provides consumers with free credit scores, took a look at the relationship between debt and credit scores, and how it changes during a person’s lifetime.

What it found was that as credit history lengthens, credit scores typically increase.

“We took a sample of several hundred thousand users and we charted their overall debt levels, along with the average credit scores, and we grouped them by the age,” said Ken Lin, chief executive of CreditKarma.

What CreditKarma discovered was that the older you are, the higher your credit score tended to be.

“Age and your experience in life tend to lend a lot to your credit score,” Lin said. “Just like everything else, you tend to get better as you get older, and that’s very tru…………… continues on Dallas Morning News (subscription)

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Cyber Monday 2011: Tips for Safe Shopping and Scoring the Best Deals Online
News from International Business Times:

Last year, Cyber Monday accumulated nearly $ 1 billion in online sales, surpassing Black Friday. In 2011, the search term “Cyber Monday deals” has increased over 400 percent in global monthly searches, according to Google statistics data, proving this year will be even bigger.

While Monday marks a frenzied online shopping day, brick and mortar stores panned out quite well on Black Friday this year, with a 6.6 percent increase from 2010. Shoppers spent a record $ 11.4 billion nationwide according to a report from ShopperTrak, which collects data from 25,000 outlets across the country.

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The National Retail Fe…………… continues on International Business Times

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Need cash? Pawnshops edge into the mainstream
News from Houston Chronicle:

NEW YORK – Pawnshops are beckoning from the shadows.

At a time when banks have shut their doors on those with bad credit, a growing number of borrowers are pawning their jewelry, electronics and other valuables to make ends meet.

Consumer advocates say the development is concerning because the interest rates on loans from pawnshops can be as high as 20 percent a month. But pawnshop operators say they provide a critical lifeline to a group with few other options.

“It’s a short-term loan – it’s designed to bail someone out and be done with it,” said Ed Bean, who owns Suffolk Jewelry & Pawnbrokers in Boston.

A common misconception is that pawnshops simply buy the various knickknacks that customers bring in. But the more lucrative aspect of the industry is issuing loans against those belongin…………… continues on Houston Chronicle

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Now, check your credit score online – Business Standard
News from Now, check your credit score online – Business Standard:

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Score! Check Out The Newly Unveiled SHS Football Scoreboard
News from

The new Stonington High School football scoreboard was unveiled Wednesday morning, a day before the century-old football rivalry matchup between the  Bears and the Westerly Bulldogs.

The new scoreboard features advertising panels from sponsors Mystic Aquarium, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, Mystic Pizza, Connecticut Community Credit Union, South Shore Heating and Cooling, and Powell, Lathrop and Orkney Insurance.

A celebratory brunch was held this morning at SHS, which recognized the sponsors and others that worked on raising funds and seeing the scoreboard project to fruition.

The town wrote new zoning regulations to allow for the sponsor panels though an ad for the press box featuring McDonald’s was pulled after it was approved by the Board of Education but was not brought to the Planning and Zoning Commission for site plan approval.

…………… continues on
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