Your credit score is more important than ever
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Albany, Ga. –

Companies you do business with are taking a deeper look at your credit history than you may realize.

Your credit score is more important than ever, but that is not the only thing lenders look at.

Because they are being more careful about who gets money from them, a lot more personal information is taken into consideration.

Data companies are gathering information about consumers’ job history, income and net worth.

That way lenders can verify whether you are as safe or as risky as your score suggests.

Your credit score is one of the first things a lender looks at when you apply for credit.

The scores help lenders determine how financially responsible you are.

“In some cases, loss of jobs and simply loss of income is causing more people’s credit scores to go down,” says Irma Whitten, Consumer Credit Counseling Service CEO.

Whitten says prior to the recession, lenders became lax abou…………… continues on WALB-TV
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Does Paying off Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score?
News from Fox Business:

Dear Credit Card Adviser,

Does putting all or most of my monthly expenses on one credit card negatively affect my credit score if I pay them in full and never carry a balance?

— Sara

Dear Sara,

It can make sense to pile expenses onto one credit card, especially if that card offers a generous rewards or cash-back program. However, this move can backfire when it comes to your credit score.

Your credit score factors in how much available credit you’re using on your credit cards. This debt-to-credit limit ratio, or utilization, is figured for each credit card you have and across all of your credit cards. The higher the ratio, the more points you lose.

Consistently charging up a single credit card each month could result in a lower credit score the next time a lender or another business checks it.

That’s because the balance on your credit report may not be zero even if you’re paying off y…………… continues on Fox Business
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How to Score with Credit: What They Don’t Teach in High School about Credit

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5 More Surprising Things That Hurt Your Credit Scores
News from WalletPop:
When I wrote recently about five surprising things that hurt your credit scores – things like renting a car with a debit card or financing the purchase of furniture – many people were shocked to learn that innocent, everyday actions can wind up blemishing their credit reports.

In reality, though, my initial list of five items represented just the tip of the iceberg.

Unfortunately, due to the quirks of the credit-scoring system, there are a host of other seemingly harmless actions you might take that can lower your FICO credit scores or any credit score, such as the VantageScore.

Here are five more surprising things that can dam…………… continues on WalletPop
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