Score a Low-rate Mortgage; Car Dealer Tricks to Avoid
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Clear hurdles between you and the lowest possible rate; Tips on how to avoid getting scammed

Yonkers, NY – infoZine – It’s easier to get a sweet deal on a mortgage if you’re a billionaire, but with some extra planning, paperwork and patience, average folks can also score a low-rate one. Although lending standards are still tight, the four horsemen to qualify for today’s best rates are documented income, a high credit score, a significant down payment and a low debt load.

Here are some of the tips outlined in CRMA to clear hurdles between you and the lowest possible rate:

If you’re self-employed, dig out your annual and quarterly estimated federal income tax returns from the past few years to prove your schedule C earnings.

If your credit score is below 740, the score that most lenders give the best rates, comb through your credit reports from the three main reporting bureaus to root out errors that unfairly hurt your score.

If you don’t have the 20 percent down payment, redouble your savings efforts, or if you have the option, sell less-liquid assets like a parcel of land, art, or collectibles, to build down-payment money.

How to avoid car dealer tricks

Some car dealers are up to their old tricks, judging by allegations made by state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commiss…………… continues on Kansas City infoZine

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