Putting Holiday Purchases on Plastic? Credit.com Offers 5 Holiday Shopping Tips
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By Mel Fabrikant    Saturday, November 24, 2012, 04:36 PM EST   

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, shoppers will inevitably be pulling out the plastic to pay for their holiday purchases. Choosing the right payment method, and in particular, the right card – credit, debit or prepaid – can make shopping easier, safer and more rewarding. Credit.com, a website that gives consumers a free monthly credit score and other free tools to help them manage their credit, offers five tips for holiday shoppers:
1. Don’t want to travel light? If you travel often – especially with family members – consider a rewards card that provides a free checked baggage for everyone traveling in your group. For a family of four, the savings can total $ 200 or more on one trip.

2. Bargain hunter? Consider a flexible reward card that allows you to use your points or miles on multiple airlines. Credit.com’s recent Best Credit Cards in America winner in the airline miles category, for example, is a card that is not affiliated with a specific airline. Instead, points can be transferred to multiple airlines’ rewards programs.
3. Know your limit. While charging as much as possible on a r…………… continues on ParamusPost.com

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