Open doors with your FICO credit score
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Flaunt your excellent FICO credit score.

(Money Magazine) — When you’ve got it flaunt it — an excellent credit score, that is. You know all too well the importance of that three-digit number, which lenders use to assess the risk you represent. If your score is in the top tier: 750 or above out of 850 on the FICO scale. (Check yours for $ 20 at That alone qualifies you for membership in a fairly exclusive club : Only a third of Americans have achieved such a high number.

Obviously, being a member of the credit elite helps you nab the lowest rates on a home or auto loan. But it may surprise you to learn that a high score also entitles you to red-carpet treatment elsewhere. In the long wake of the credit crisis, “businesses are falling all over themselves to attract customers who are low risk,” says Gerri Detweiler of “And they’ll of…………… continues on CNN
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Tips For Scoring Better Credit
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With the economy and job market just coming out of a “down” period, a large percentage of the population is concerned and wondering how less-than-perfect credit scores might affect their ability to take advantage of the current buyers’ market in purchasing a home.

In order to know what you need to do to position yourself favorably, you need to understand the different components making up the big picture that is your credit score. Here are the key components, with the percentages that each component contributes to your total credit scoring and a tip on how to improve each one:

  • Payment history contributes 35% to your credit score: Make sure to obtain and analyze your credit report yearly. You can get a free copy of your report once a year. Look to make sure that the information is accurate. If you find errors,

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