Look online for websites to help you find, fix credit score
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Your personal credit rating, to a great extent, determines what loans you’ll qualify for and the interest you’ll pay. Check these sites to find out where you stand, and how to fix credit problems.

Free credit report. You are allowed, under a law called the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to get a free copy of your credit report every year from each of the big nationwide reporting agencies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. This is the centralized site for doing so. Beware of other offers, and remember that getting a free credit report does not include your credit score. You probably will have to pay to get that – and each agency produces its own for a few bucks apiece. www.annualcreditreport.com/

Report fraud. You need to call the police if someone has gotten hold of your credit-card number, or has made you the victim of any sort of fraud. Beyond that, the Federal Trade Commission has a program called Consumer Sentinel for channeling reports into a national database of telemarketing and identity-theft complaints. Start at this page to see how complaints are handled and the wide range of issues on which the complaint network has been gathering data. www.ftc.gov/sentinel

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Hard Time Fixing Your Credit? Try These Great Tips!
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31 March 2012

PRLog (Press Release)Mar 30, 2012
The American dream is one so that any person can do anything they want if they try hard enough and apply themselves. While repairing credit may not be the typical idea of the American dream, it too can be done, if you try hard enough and apply the tips you learn in this info. If you have already missed some payments, make sure you get caught up on them and stay caught up. The longer you have consecutive on time payments, the better your credit will become. Credit companies will look at your most current payment information first, before looking at older information. Go here Now to Check Out Non Profit Credit Card Consolidation! http://www.nonprofitcreditcardconsolidation.net/ Credit-C …

When you’re trying to repair your credit by disputing negative items, make sure to keep records of everything you do. Keep copies of every letter, dispute, and support document you send out. Send important correspondence like disputes by certified mail so that you know your mail was delive…………… continues on San Francisco Luxury News

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