LARS credit forum helps consumers deal with credit scores
News from Baltimore Sun:

Many clients who seek assistance from Laurel Advocacy and Referral Services — a Laurel nonprofit that helps 2,000 homeless and low-income individuals each year — are in trouble because of credit. Credit scores impact their lives, from the ability to rent apartments or obtain insurance to employment opportunities.

To help clients, and others in the community, learn about the impact of credit scores, LARS staff members and finance professionals held a forum on consumer credit March 7 at the Laurel Police Department’s Partnership Activity Center.

“It’s not just credit, it’s not just banking. … If a credit score’s higher (or) lower, that’s going to affect us in a lot of parts of our lives,” Deanna Booker, community outreach manager at Consumer Credit Counseling Service, said at the forum.

Booker joined Kelly White of Revere Bank, Bernie Robinson of PNC Bank and Gyssette Isom of Capital One in presenting a briefing on credit basics. They explained what constitutes a bad credit score; the ways individuals can hurt, or improve, their credit score; and how long it takes for a poor credit score to recover.

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