Job No. 1 after college: Establish credit history
News from Chicago Tribune:

When you graduate from college, there may be a lot you want to set up, from a new apartment and car to your own cellphone plan. But to do all of that, you need to establish something else first: your credit history.

Your credit record reflects how well you’ve paid bills and whether you’ll be financially responsible in the future. Landlords, lenders and utilities all look at credit before opening new accounts. And if you don’t have a solid record, few of these entities will be eager to do business with you.

Here are ideas on how to establish a credit history.

Open a card

The fastest way to build a credit record is to open a student credit card when you’re still in school.

Student cards don’t require a lengthy credit history. But while it was once possible to get a card (and a free T-shirt) simply by filling out an application on campus, the rules are slightly tougher today. Since the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act took full effect in 2010, applicants under 21 must show proof of income or apply with a co-signer, such as a parent.

If you’re an older student those requirements go away, making a student card “one of the easiest ways to establish credit if you’re in your final year of school or an older, nontraditional student,” said Curtis Arnold, founder o…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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