How to raise your credit score
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Banks, obviously aren’t the only ones that worry about credit ratings. Every one of us wants to keep that score as high as possible.

One of our viewers, Amberly Page wrote, asking us to do a story on legitimate ways to raise a credit score.

There’s no magic spell for fixing it. But if you are struggling with a poor credit score, don’t be discouraged. With proper planning, you can turn your credit around.

“If you can’t live within your means then you’re going to get yourself in trouble. Because i did that years ago. And we’re not going there again,” said Birmingham resident, Linda Gunter.

Linda Gunter had trouble with her credit years ago. It took a few years, but she dug herself out of the hole. But how?

“I never use a credit card. I use my debit card. I’ve learned that if i want to buy something and i can’t pay cash for it i just don’t get it,” she said.

It sounds easy. But repairing bad credit actually takes planning. More improtantly, sticking to that plan.

“Make sure that your income and outgo are equal. Because you are never going to be able to repair your credit score or get out of the bad downward spiral if you don’t have approximately equal income with your expenses,”said Stephen Yoder.

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