How to Improve Your Credit Score in 5 Steps
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It can’t be overstated enough that improving your credit score plays an integral role in affecting day-to-day spending habits. From the interest rates we’re offered, to the loans and credit cards we’re accepted (or rejected) for, Garden State residents are well aware of this fact — it was recently reported that New Jersey proudly held the second highest national credit score in the United States.

More than ever before, our credit histories reflect more than just that. And our credit scores are more than just a number, but a representation of our financial responsibilities.

Poor credit can make or break one’s professional life, as potential employers scrutinize credit histories for blemishes that can disqualify us from that next big career break. And insurance providers may decide what kind of auto and health premium rates we’ll be offered based on our credit standing. As we’re still reeling from these recessionary times, lenders have also tightened their standards and many even reject good credit.

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