How to improve your CIBIL Credit score in 2013?
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Rajiv Raj

It is the time of year when resolutions are made with infectious enthusiasm. Some remain mere resolutions while others become an integral part of your life. Those that become an integral part of your life change and bring about a positive change in the way you conduct your life. Among the many resolutions that bring about a positive change in your life, the resolution of improving your credit profile is a crucial one. While there are a few who are informed and strive towards maintaining a good score, there are many who are unaware. This majority realise the importance of having a good score credit score when banks insist on knowing their credit score and turn down their loan applications on account of low score. As a beginning to a New Year, I present to you a few steps that would help you maintain a healthy credit score. It is generally accepted that a credit score more than 750 is good and elicits assurance and trust from banks.

Here are a few steps:

Step one: Know your credit profile
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