How to Build Your Credit from Nothing in Six Simple Steps
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If you pay your bills on time and have been financially responsible, but have never had a credit card or taken out a loan, your credit history is a blank slate. Lenders use your credit report to make decisions about whether or not to give you a credit card, what that card’s limit should be, or to grant you a loan. But with no credit history, there’s no record of how you would manage debt. The result: many creditors won’t lend you money no matter how responsible you may be. Here, the team at Quizzle tells you how to build credit from no credit in six simple steps.

Time for a Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card functions like a “normal”, or unsecured credit card with one exception—the credit card company requires you to put down a security deposit. Typically $ 300 to $ 500, this security deposit assures creditors that you will, indeed, pay back the money you borrow. Often, the credit limit on your secured credit card mirrors the amount of security deposit or a percentage of that amount.

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