Holiday shopping tips: Plain Dealing
News from Plain Dealer:

What not to do: Wait until Christmas Eve to shop, like these folks did in 2004.

Strap on your running shoes, stick the credit card between your teeth and head into the holiday shopping jungle.

Whether you’re invading the mall or flipping open the laptop, use these tips to avoid trouble:


• Don’t be quick to open new store cards. Many stores offer discounts if you open a credit card account. But having lots of store cards can ding your credit score, as can opening several new cards all at once. Unless you have great credit and shop at a store often enough to make the discount or card perks worthwhile, skip these offers.

• Use credit cards, not debit cards. Debit cards don’t give you the dispute rights of…………… continues on Plain Dealer

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Credit freeze may be best defense against identity theft
News from Allentown Morning Call:

Dear Liz: A large safe containing our passports, Social Security cards, birth certificates, checks and credit cards was stolen from our home several days ago. We notified our bank and credit card companies. Is there an advantage to requesting new Social Security numbers? If we do this, would it affect our credit in any way?

Answer: New Social Security numbers wouldn’t necessarily protect you from identity theft and could create additional complications.

Thieves might still be able to use your old numbers to establish new accounts, and those fraudulent accounts could show up in your credit reports. If for some reason the credit bureaus didn’t combine the records for your old and new numbers, then you could be left without any credit history at all, which could make getting future credit difficult.

The Identity Theft Resource Center, which advises victims and has a fact sheet on this issue (No. 113, ava…………… continues on Allentown Morning Call

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