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Experian’s Credit Expert offers trustworthy free credit checks to consumers

One of the world’s most trusted information services, Experian, is offering consumers the chance to obtain a secure credit check free of charge from Credit Expert.

In 2012, having an excellent credit score is key to borrowing money from banks – without it, many of us will struggle to buy property or start up small businesses.

Securing a loan or mortgage requires much more than paying your rent on time.  This BBC feature casts further light on what lenders are looking for in a customer.

You can also use Experian to visit a designated credit help centre which can guide you through your report and potential financial future.

James Jones, Head of Consumer Affairs at Experian, notes that an awareness of how credit ratings work will allow you to adjust your own finances to better fit the system, such as updating your personal details on accounts and payments.

Keeping details up to date also helps prevent identity theft and missed payments which can negatively affect your credit; leaving you with more opp…………… continues on The Leader – Wrexham & Flintshire news

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