Four Credit Lessons Inspired From the Presidential Election
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Today is the presidential election — an opportunity for American citizens to have your say in the direction of the country by voting for your candidate of choice.

In the weeks leading up to the election, we’ve seen a lot of press coverage — both good and bad — about each of the candidates. Obama’s and Romney’s campaigns can actually teach us some lessons about credit. Even if you don’t like politics, learn these lessons because they’ll have a lasting impact on your credit scores!

1. There’s one number that matters
Before the election, newscasters spend a lot of air time analyzing each candidate’s words and actions and trying to guess the outcome of the polls. And even the popular vote doesn’t matter. There’s only one number on Election Day: The candidate who gets the most Electoral College votes! That’s the one who will be President. Any other number is irrelevant. Likewise, with your credit score, there are a lot of credit scores out there but only one matters — your FICO score. That’s the one that 90% of lenders look at to decide whether they will lend you money or not. So focus on your FICO score.

2. What you do today will impact tomorrow
Each candidate’s campaigns have had some good news but they’ve also made some mistakes. You know what they ar…………… continues on Huffington Post

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