Five Tips for Dealing With a Declined Credit Card
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Credit cards can cut you off for a variety of reasons. Here’s what to do in response.

1Your card was declined, but why?

What are five words you never want to hear from a waiter?

“Your credit card was declined.”

It happens all the time for a variety of reasons. You may be over your credit limit. Your credit score may have dropped, or the credit card company may suspect that the card is being used fraudulently.

And it gets worse from there. That sliver of plastic in your wallet may now be worthless — at least temporarily — yet those card bills just keep coming.

But, you have rights. A slew of consumer protections, including the 4-year-old Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act, require issuers to treat you with respect, even if you’re not their favorite customer anymore.

Here are five things to consider if your credit card has been declined.

2The issuer can’t demand immediate payment

Your charging privileges may be gone. But you still have time to pay off your balance.

Federal law gives the card issuer a couple of options. It can…………… continues on Fox Business

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