Every credit score is not created the same
News from USA Today:

If you spend any time on the Internet, you’ve probably seen ads for “free” credit scores. They usually appear alongside ads promising to make your belly fat disappear.

  • By Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

    New consumer protection rules will require lenders to provide the credit score used to make a decision about a loan.

By Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY

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Can’t Get a Loan? Check Your Address: The Best and Worst States for Credit
News from CNNMoney:
Credit is ever so personal, and ultimately it’s your responsibility — but maybe this time, it’s not solely about you. Where you live matters: Your state’s creditworthiness can impact you too.

For that reason, CardRatings.com’s recently released rankings of the 10 Best and Worst States for Consumer Credit is worth a look-see.

How does your state measure up?

Breaking Down the Details

To figure out which states deserved kudos and which got thumbs down, CardRatings.com analyzed indicators directly related to individual credit usage and repayment behavior, such as average credit score, credit card delinquency rates and home foreclosure rates. It also charted big picture factors like unemployment and personal bankruptcy issues. The five criteria included: average credit score (Experian, June 2011);…………… continues on CNNMoney
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