Do you know your social media score?
News from Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

By Jeffrey N. Rosenthal / The Legal Intelligencer

By now it should go without saying: Be careful what you post on social networking sites. For a lot of reasons.

But here’s yet another reason to be conscious of your online presence: Insurance companies are beginning to check social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to determine if you are a coverage risk. In fact, you may even have a “social media score” to prove it.

And, just like your credit score, your social media score can impact what you qualify for and affect how much you pay for coverage. Unlike a credit score, it is hard to say exactly what goes into a social media score — or if existing federal laws provide sufficient oversight.

Companies have always been interested in who their customers are, and the Internet makes it easier to obtain that information. British Airways tries to surprise its passengers with greetings and personal touches based on Googled information; high-end restaurants commonly search their bookings online to see who is coming in.

But it may come as a surprise to learn that insurance companies surf social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get the scoop on their customers, or pay third-party vendors to snoop for them.

At least one Canadian insurance company, Manulife Financial, has confirmed that it uses Facebook to investigate clients. A no…………… continues on Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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