Credit Score Tips For Mortgage Shoppers
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“Don’t Check My Credit!”

It’s common for mortgage rate shoppers worry about “multiple hits” to credit while shopping for a mortgage. It’s a misplaced worry, however.

Since the mid-1990s, credit scoring algorithms have been reworked to encourage you to shop for low mortgage rates. Low rates equals lower payments and that’s good for everyone. 

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You Have The Right To “Shop Around” For A Mortgage  

A “credit inquiry” occur when a mortgage lender, credit card company or other financial service provider pulls your credit scores prior to approving a loan or issuing new credit. Based on credit scoring models, most types of credit inquiries will lower your credit score.

Mortgage-related credit inquiries, however, are treated differently.

According to Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), which developed the credit-scoring model most frequently used by mortgage lenders, mortgage-related credit inquiries don’t have the same negative impact on a credit score as, say, a credit card applicant.

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