Credit Card Breach: It Can Happen to Anyone, Do You Know What to Do?
News from Huffington Post:

Joining the likes of Zappos, Michael’s, Sony, Epsilon and the New York Yankees — Global Payments Inc. is the latest company to make headlines with a data breach originally reported to have compromised more than 10 million card numbers. Global Payments is a large third-party payment processor for Visa and MasterCard, and handles a substantial number of transactions for Discover and American Express as well.

Global Payments has since confirmed that the breach was limited to their North American systems and believes that “fewer than 1.5 million card numbers may have been stolen.” An investigation is currently underway but we won’t fully know how many cardholders were impacted, or how extensive the breach, until the dust settles and the investigation is completed — which could take weeks, or even months.

Are You Protected Under Federal Law?
The good news for cardholders, if you can call it that, is the theft was limited to credit card numbers and did not include names, Social Security numbers, or addresses. This means the information that was stolen i…………… continues on Huffington Post

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