Consumers Tap Phones to Check Credit Scores
News from Bloomberg:

Consumers shopping for a loan or looking to rebuild their credit can use a free mobile application to monitor changes in their credit scores.

The application, for Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone, updates users’ credit scores from Experian Plc (EXPN) once a month, in addition to details about how much of their available credit they’re using and their home value, according to a release today by Credit Sesame Inc., which also provides free scores through its website.

“If you’re trying to rent an apartment and the landlord or agent wants to know about your credit, you can go through o…………… continues on Bloomberg

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Smart shopping tips to keep your credit healthy
News from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

(ARA) – ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but for most Americans, it’s also the season to shop. While the items on your shopping list are sure to make gift recipients happy, being mindful about financial stress and maintaining good credit should remain top-of-mind.

Going overboard on holiday purchases is all too easy when you’re caught up in the spirit of the season. As many as 14 million people responded to a recent Consumer Reports survey admitting that they’re still paying off purchases from last year’s holiday season.

“If it’s taking more than a year to pay off purchases, you’re possibly on the way to damaged credit,” says Barrett Burns, CEO of VantageScore Solutions, LLC. “The short term enjoyment that you might get from a purchase could be far outweighed by potential stress that could come later when those credit card bills come due. Resolve now to h…………… continues on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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