Consumer-debt tips for women
News from Orlando Sentinel:

Consumer-debt tips for women

•Apply for a credit card in your name, not just your husband’s or partner’s, to establish a separate credit history and credit score.

•Check online card-comparison sites such as,,, or

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Turned Down For a Loan? Now You Can Find Out Why
News from LoanSafe:

(Source: By Sandra Block, USA TODAY) – Your credit score determines the interest rate you pay for a credit card, car loan, private student loan or a home mortgage. A low score could prevent you from getting a loan at all. But for years, this important number has been a mystery to most consumers.Starting today, that will change.

A provision of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that takes effect today requires lenders to provide consumers with a free credit score whenever:

They reject an application for a loan. In that case, lenders will be required to provide consumers with an “adverse action” notice that includes their credit score and explains why they were turned down.

They approve a loan but at a higher rate than the rate provided to their best customers. As in the first instance, lenders will be required to provide borrowers with a credit score and explain why they’re charging a higher rate.</…………… continues on LoanSafe

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