College Students At Higher Risk For Identity Theft
News from KFOX El Paso:
College students are at higher risk for identity theft, one identity theft attorney reports.When I was in college, I didn’t think about checking my credit score, because I’m not buying a house, I’m not taking out any loans other than my college loans.,” said Justin Underwood, an attorney who specializes in identity theft at the El Paso law firm Wyatt and Underwood.”College students for the most part are the number group of people who get solicited for credit care applications,” said Underwood. “What do credit card applications ask you for? All your personal information.”Underwood said college students typically look at something and just throw it away, versus shredding it. But if identity theft happens to you, Underwood said it’s extremely hard to undo.”Once it happens to you trying to convince the credit bureaus that it’s not you is a monumental task,” Underwood said. “It could take years.”college students typically look at something…………… continues on KFOX El Paso
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