Card rejection does not seem fair at all as credit rating has always been good
News from Belfast Telegraph:

I applied for a Halifax Clarity credit card to use while abroad as it has no extra charges on foreign transactions.

My application was declined and the letter said that my credit score is too low. I checked my account on the Experian website and there is no indication Halifax conducted a credit check. I should have a good credit rating as I always pay in full and/or make payments within the time allowed. I have a regular Halifax credit card that I have used without problem for some years. Halifax may wish to decline my card request because they would prefer me to continue to use my existing card overseas and pay higher charges, but they should have the honesty to say so. NS

Halifax explains that a fraudster had opened a credit card account in your name. Halifax cleared the balance and you were not charged or inconvenienced. You tell us that while you were aware that “something had happened”, you did not know you had been a victim of fraud. As part of the resolution to those problems, last April you signed a Notice of Correction, requiring credit applications to be subject to password verification to prevent fraud and demonstrate any application is genuine. But when Halifax’s credit underwriting team made contact, you did not use the approved password. You were therefore notified that the application was not successful because it did not meet the credit scoring po…………… continues on Belfast Telegraph

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Mortgage rates have plunged to record lows, below 4 percent. That’s great — but only if you can actually qualify for a loan, and that’s not easy. After giving away the store during the housing boom with disastrous results, lenders have tightened their underwriting standards, leaving many would-be home buyers out of luck.

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IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE: A credit score below 620, as measured by th…………… continues on

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