Architect of Russia’s Political System Under Putin Is Reassigned
News from New York Times:

MOSCOW — Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin said on Tuesday that the protest movement mobilized this month by angry voters is directionless and lacks competent leaders, summing up the protesters’ mindset with a phrase coined by squabbling Marxists: “The movement is everything, the ultimate goal is nothing.”

This was Mr. Putin’s second public assessment of the protest movement, which began after Dec. 4 parliamentary elections tainted by ballot-stuffing and other violations. He seemed to have thought better of belittling the demonstrators, as he did earlier when he said their white ribbons resembled limp condoms. But he said they lacked a clear agenda and he rejected their demand for new elections.

“There always are, always were and always will be forces which are not geared t…………… continues on New York Times

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How will light bulbs change? Here are some answers
News from USA Today:

The nation’s new light bulb rules start taking effect Sunday. What exactly do they require, and what’s their likely impact, since Congress barred funds to enforce the efficiency standards? Here are some answers:

Q: What’s included in the new standards?

A: The standards require light bulbs be at least 25% more efficient and carry labels on the front and back of packages to explain their brightness, annual operating costs and expected life span.

The labels apply to all light bulbs made or imported after Jan. 1, but the efficiency standards apply only to traditional 100-watt incandescents on that day. The efficiency rules will begin applying to the old-fashioned 75-watt bulb in January 2013 and 40- and 60-watt bulbs in January 2014. Retailers can sell leftover bulbs as long as they weren’t made or imported after their deadline.

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