7 ways to raise your FICO credit score
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If you want to save big money on a big loan, do your homework, say the experts. Raising your credit score by as little as 40 points could qualify you for a lower interest on a home mortgage or an auto, student or personal loan.

Think of it this way–if you take out a $ 50,000 loan for 15 years with a 7 percent interest rate you will pay nearly $ 5,000 more in interest than if you borrow the same amount at 6 percent.

Check these seven action steps to help ensure that you have the best credit report before applying for a loan.

Pull your report

Amber Stubbs, managing editor of CardRatings.com, says that future borrowers should get a copy of their credit report from the three major credit bureaus and take a glimpse at what their lender will see.

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