7 more ways to raise your FICO score
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From our recent CardRatings article “7 ways to raise your FICO credit score”, you know the basic moves to improve your credit score include establishing credit early, ditching debt and correcting credit report errors. Now it’s time to make your score soar. These seven advanced tips will help increase your credit score even if you can’t increase the payments on your current debt.

  1. Get some goodwill

    Behave yourself and card issuers could raise your credit score for you, says Deborah McNaughton, author of “The Essential Credit Repair Handbook.” If you’ve only got a few dings keeping your credit score down, request a “goodwill deletion.”

    “You’re basically requesting that they remove a negative item because you’re such a good customer,” she says. “If it’s something that’s happened once or hardly ever, the more years you have with that cr…………… continues on Fox Business

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