5 Lesser-Known Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
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If you think your credit score doesn’t matter too much because you’re not planning on getting a mortgage anytime soon, think again. Credit scores affect many aspects of our lives — more than you may think. That’s why it’s important to keep your score as high as possible.

Paying bills on time and staying well below your credit limits are sure-fire ways to build and maintain good credit. But there are some lesser-known strategies to boost your score as well.

Fix clerical errors: Check your credit reports and correct errors. For example, it can make a big difference to your score if your credit limit for a card is understated. Imagine that you owe $ 5,000 and your limit is $ 15,000. That means you owe 33% of your limit. If your limit is incorrectly listed as $ 8,000, though, it will look like you’ve borrowed 63% of your limit. continues on DailyFinance

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Bargain for better loan terms with good credit score
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By Harshala Chandorkar (Senior V-P – Consumer Relations, CIBIL)

In today’s fast paced economy where there is intense competition among brands and services for the consumer’s attention and business, deriving the best value for your money is imperative.

Be it goods or services like insurance, telecom or banking, we now have multiple options to choose from based on our requirements.

Take for instance the credit sector where we now have several banks and financial institutions keen to provide loans and credit cards to disciplined consumers who have a healthy credit history.

Today, almost all the banks and lending institutions check the credit score and credit information report (CIR) of an applicant before approving loan applications.

A consumer’s credit score has today be…………… continues on Economic Times

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