3 Reasons to Start Caring About Your Credit Score Rating
News from Go Banking Rates:

In this game called Life, one number seems to rule over all of us: Our credit score rating. It does not matter if you are 16 or 63, you are most likely dependent on your credit score for a variety of different reasons.

Building the best credit score possible is the key to financial success and freedom, while a bad credit score only adds more troubles to your financial situation. So if you haven’t given much though to your own credit score rating, here are three major reasons why you should start caring about credit:

#1. The best credit score often gets the job.

Not every potential employer runs a credit check prior to offering a job, but many do, especially if the job you’re going after is involved with the government.

For example, the government may have an opening for an IT/computer engineer. In order to do that job, the person must have a Top Secret clearance level, which can be gained through a background check of one’s…………… continues on Go Banking Rates

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Servers’ Fluctuating Tips Make Financial Planning Difficult
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RoadFish.com men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today encouraged its readers to dig deep into pockets and leave good tips when they dine out, after reading an alarming report that servers’ sub-minimum wage has not increased in 21 years

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

RoadFish.com men’s lifestyle and finance magazine was shocked to read an article highlighting a waitress’s financial struggle with her less-than-minimum-wage earnings at the restaurant she works at in Detroit. The article pointed out that most servers are still being paid the same sub-minimum wage for tipped workers which has not increased since 1991, which in Michigan is $ 2.65 an hour but in many other states is still as little as $ 2.13 per hour.

Sharon Johnson of Forbes reported that Moldavian-born Zhanneta Dunder, a 41-year-old single mother, works full-time at a Detroit family-style restaurant and makes around $ 300 per week……………. continues on Houston Chronicle

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