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Online Guide Helps Advise Car Buyers on Credit, Financing
News from
By Justin Stoltzfus
Friday, Sep 30 2011 15:03

Car buyers in today’s recovering economy are often looking for the best tips for financing part or all of a new or used car purchase. One of the top car firms online, Edmunds, is offering a recently updated guide to car buying that reveals more about how buyers can access the best interest rates and get the best deals on a new set of wheels.

The Edmunds guide starts out by quoting a staffer from Experian, one of three national credit agencies and a major player in evaluating lending, as saying today’s car buying landscape is a “changed marketplace.” As recently reported, lenders are reaching out to subprime borrowers, setting up different interest rate qualifications for various auto loan applicants.

Edmunds also incl…………… continues on
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Warning over credit checks
News from Financial Times:

About seven out of ten small businesses do not check their customers’ credit status, research by Experian has found.

A survey of 698 small businesses by the credit rating agency also found that 39 per cent did not know what a credit score was – and 61 per cent had not checked their own score.

Simon Street, managing director of Experian’s UK small and medium-sized enterprise business, said: “Two-thirds of small businesses may be blind to their credit scores, but their larger customers, suppliers and banks certainly won’t be.”

Credit scores provide an assessment of a company’s financial health with a low score implying that a business is more likely to fail. According to Experian, many low scores can be explained by a lack of detailed data on the business concerned or a failure to file complete or accur…………… continues on Financial Times

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Powerful Tips To Getting A Loan With Bad Credit
News from Tom Wilt News:


Has your credit score and credit ranking deteriorated along with the current economy? Have you been turned down for the loan you need to make a much needed purchase or make home improvements? If so, you are not alone. There are many borrowers with bad or damaged credit. But there are ways to find a lender who will you the cash you need for whatever purpose you might have. Many borrowers have taken some easy measures to get their much needed funded, and you can, too.

Your first stop on your quest for a loan should be to check your credit report. There are three major credit reporting bureaus that operate in the United States -Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union. It is important to review your credit report with all three as each may have a different picture of your credit situation to offer. Check for erroneous information that might be contained on your credit report…………… continues on Tom Wilt News
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BestCredit: How to Win the Credit Game (2nd ed.)
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The Road to 850 (Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Credit Score)
This is one book you must have! As a result of the credit crisis, many financial institutions have raised their credit score requi…

A Useful Tips For Those Who Just Turned Down for a Personal Loan
News from Tom Wilt News:


Getting a personal loan sometimes can be very important if you have a financial issue and you have looked into other resources. It can be very upsetting if you are turned down for personal loan. There are several of things that you can do to avoid from happening. Since you never know when you might have to , my advice is always keep your eye on your credit report. It can take a very long time to get any errors corrected, time most of us don’t have when we need a personal loan. Know what your credit rating is. Be realistic about your chances of getting a personal loan based on your credit.

It is important that you fill out the loan application correctly and accurately. Provide all required information including residence verification, income, and employment verification. If you have experienced circumstances beyond your control that may have blemished your credit re…………… continues on Tom Wilt News
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A pop quiz on credit scores
News from MarketWatch:

By Lew Sichelman

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Get out your pencils, boys and girls. Today’s column takes the form of a pop quiz to test your knowledge of credit scores, that all-important number on which mortgage lenders and most other creditors base their decisions not only to grant you a loan but also how much to charge.

A high score means you can obtain a home loan at the best possible rate. A low score and you’ll pay dearly, if you can get a loan at all. The difference between a 720 score and 580 could be as much as three full percentage points, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

…………… continues on MarketWatch
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Turbo Credit Software Download (Consumer Edition – Credit Repair)

  • Empowers American consumers to manage their own credit in the privacy of their own home
  • The Turbo Credit system is a similar system that financial, credit and debt professionals utilize for their professional fee-based services
  • Turbo Credit allows American consumers to personally manage their credit just as millions of Americans use software programs to manage their money, budget and personal finances
  • Turbo Credit will help get the most up-to-date and current credit report possible that will also maximize and improve credit scores.
  • Turbo credit cost only .95 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Turbo Credit is a patent-pending software program designed to challenge and dispute any negative items that appear on a credit report. Turbo Credit features the TurboDispute Generator which generates dispute documents for Transunion, Experian and Equifax in minutes.

Turbo Credit also includes TurboStop, an interactive software document that will legally stop the harrassing and annoying calls from the creditors.

Turbo Credit will help get the most up-to-date and current credit report possible

List Price: $ 99.95


Don’t Let Bad Credit Keep You From Landing a Job
News from Fox Business:

Dear Credit Score Report,

How do you improve your credit score when looking for a new job? In my industry, a good credit score is a must, as it speaks of responsibility and integrity. However, sometimes financial hardship is hard to overcome, especially when going to school. My question is this: How can I improve my credit score and get a better job — especially if my credit is below my industry requirements? Yes, I am in between jobs. 


Hey Kim,

While you’re in a tough spot right now — you need good credit to land a job, but you may need extra cash to improve your credit — experts say that with the right combination of personal finance habits and job application practices, you should be able to find work.   

Your email didn’t say what industry you’re in, but there are only a few that consider job applicants’
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Cost of low credit score
News from KGBT-TV:
Read more: Local, Economy, Consumer, Credit Score, Debt, Money, Bank, Loans,
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ConsumerWatch: Avoid credit score killers
News from WTVM:

By Zaneta Lowe  – bio | email 

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Cell phone companies, insurance providers, and your landlord.

What do these three have in common?  They all check your credit score to see how likely you are to pay your bills.  Of course, as a consumer, you need a good credit score to get better rates on mortgages, cars, credit cards.

But what makes up that score?  Here’s a break down from  Payment history accounts for the majority, or 35% of your score.  So the number one credit score killer? Making repeated late payments.  Experts say you can deduct up to 200 points for three or more missed due dates within a year.  The solution, whatever you do, pay your bills on time.

Another 30% of your score represents the amounts you owe.  This inclu…………… continues on WTVM
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Senator: Ban Credit Check for Job Applicants – WCTV
News from Senator: Ban Credit Check for Job Applicants – WCTV:

  • by Anonymous on Sep 20, 2011 at 06:20 PM

    were trying to get a job not buy the place..

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  • by End crocked government hiring practices Location: Florida on Sep 20, 2011 at 04:13 PM

    What does is matter? A State policing agency Florida Department of Legal Affairs knowingly hired an Administrative Secretary who had previously been convicted of writing bad checks now to handle tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for a State lawyer. You got it, she was more qualified than equally experienced, honest trustworthy candidate. State agencies are hiring felon…………… continues on Senator: Ban Credit Check for Job Applicants – WCTV

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5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score 100 Points!
If you need help qualifying for a better rate on a loan or getting more credit, instantly increasing your credit score is probably…

Americans’ Credit Health Is On Life Support
News from Business Insider:

Think your credit score doesn’t need any work? Think again.

If you haven’t checked your credit score lately, you may be among many Americans who lenders are likely to shut the door on if you’re applying for credit.

Nearly 4 out of 10 Americans have a credit score under 660, reports To put that in perspective, that means 4 out of 10 of consumers nationwid­­e are unlikely to be approved for a mortgage, auto loan, or unsecured credit card.

3 out of 10 Americans fall in the fair to good credit score range between 660 and 720. In fact, the average credit score nationwide is a scary 666. Those on the higher end of the range are more likely to be approved for credit, while those at the lower end may be approved but at the cost of higher interest rates. Higher interest rates spell higher costs—perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest charges over the life of a loan or credit card.

That leaves just 3 out of 10 Americans who have a cred…………… continues on Business Insider
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Your Credit Score, Your Money & What`s at Stake (Paperback)

Examines how a credit score is derived, along with providing advice on maintaining and improving a good score, myths about the ways in which a score is calculated, and how to fix it after a credit emergency.
List Price: 12.92
Price: 11.23

No Credit Check Auto Insurance
News from SpeedLux:

What happened to the good old days when you had a good driving record with no tickets or accidents, paid you insurance on time and your car insurance provider rewarded you for that with better rates? Now, if you or your spouse loses their job because of the economy and your credit suffers for that, many car insurance companies don’t care if you kept your payments up, they can still nail you with raised premiums or cancel your policy.

In today’s troubled world with the economy going in the tank, one of the big questions asked is, ‘Why do auto insurance companies do a credit check for auto insurance?’ It is a question that’s troubled many in the past, but now is more prevalent when getting auto insurance quotes. It’s federally mandated that everyone must have auto insurance coverage, how can the insurance companies deny, or charge exorbitant rates for something that has to be? That’s just…………… continues on SpeedLux
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Your credit score is more important than ever
News from WALB-TV:
Albany, Ga. –

Companies you do business with are taking a deeper look at your credit history than you may realize.

Your credit score is more important than ever, but that is not the only thing lenders look at.

Because they are being more careful about who gets money from them, a lot more personal information is taken into consideration.

Data companies are gathering information about consumers’ job history, income and net worth.

That way lenders can verify whether you are as safe or as risky as your score suggests.

Your credit score is one of the first things a lender looks at when you apply for credit.

The scores help lenders determine how financially responsible you are.

“In some cases, loss of jobs and simply loss of income is causing more people’s credit scores to go down,” says Irma Whitten, Consumer Credit Counseling Service CEO.

Whitten says prior to the recession, lenders became lax abou…………… continues on WALB-TV
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Does Paying off Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score?
News from Fox Business:

Dear Credit Card Adviser,

Does putting all or most of my monthly expenses on one credit card negatively affect my credit score if I pay them in full and never carry a balance?

— Sara

Dear Sara,

It can make sense to pile expenses onto one credit card, especially if that card offers a generous rewards or cash-back program. However, this move can backfire when it comes to your credit score.

Your credit score factors in how much available credit you’re using on your credit cards. This debt-to-credit limit ratio, or utilization, is figured for each credit card you have and across all of your credit cards. The higher the ratio, the more points you lose.

Consistently charging up a single credit card each month could result in a lower credit score the next time a lender or another business checks it.

That’s because the balance on your credit report may not be zero even if you’re paying off y…………… continues on Fox Business
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How to Score with Credit: What They Don’t Teach in High School about Credit

The most important document after you graduate from high school is your credit report. Your credit report is being used to obtain employment, purchase a car, secure a competitive mortgage for a home and activate utilities, start and maintain a business and in some cases to obtain a hand in marriage. How To Score with Credit gives you the inside scoop on what you should have been taught in high school about credit and what you need to know today about how to manage, protect and increase your scores.
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