10 Facts You Might Not Know About Your Credit Score
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It’s probably the most important number in your financial life. However, most people don’t know theirs.

The number is your FICO score, also known as your credit score. Developed by Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FICO), the number is based on points assigned to each of five categories: credit history, payment history, accounts owed, types of credit used and new credit.

The score ranges from 300 to 900 with most people falling between 500 and 700. The higher the score, the better.

Here are 10 things you probably did not know about the number:

  1. When you pay a credit bureau or other company for your score, you may not be getting your FICO score. You may get an “educational score,” one based on your credit activity but not the one lenders see. You can purchase your FICO score on MyFico.com.
  2. Each of the three major reporting agencies, continues on Benzinga

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